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Crazy fun US (retired) Astronaut/consultant. Future author (Dec.), help w/STEM, S Media Q&A/space, love NASA, inventor of Twitpic POTD!

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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Sorry I'm late...was in the JSC Neutral Bouyancy Lab all day doing a spacewalk practice run. Where is this place?

  • 1420 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" No clues here...just tell me where!

  • 1421 days ago via site
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Bonus Weekend "Pic of the Day:" I bet you're "lining up" to answer this one! Where could it be?

  • 1422 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Let me know what you think about this one!

  • 1423 days ago via site
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Friday "Pic of the Day" bonus image...have fun!

  • 1424 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" This one's on the "tip of my tongue," but I can't quite place where it is...can you help me?

  • 1424 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Dam it anyway! And please tell me where it is!

  • 1425 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" ...Dam...fall reruns??? Where oh where, my tweeps?

  • 1427 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Feeling "cooler" here in this pic is appropriate...but where is it?

  • 1429 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Dry and fertile...both at the same time! Where though?

  • 1433 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Sorry, I am OOT, so it's a bit harder to post. Where is this place?

  • 1436 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Enjoy the beauty! Figure out the location!

  • 1440 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" "...Delta Dawn, what's that flower you have on?"

  • 1441 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" I think this one may be near some courageous heroes...

  • 1443 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" I bet you guys figure this one out pretty fast!

  • 1446 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Enjoy the peaceful scene depicted here. But where's here??

  • 1447 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" By request...

  • 1448 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Fly the friendly skies...then land!

  • 1449 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" Let's "fan out" and conquer this one, huh Tweeps?!? Have a great weekend!

  • 1452 days ago via site
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Clay's "Pic of the Day:" I'm "seeing red" on this one! Tweeps, where in the world are we?

  • 1453 days ago via site
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