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For my Tweep and friend . We have been discussing the beauty of Brazil. 'Nuff said?!

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Hey...Tweeps! Can you believe it?! Two days in a row with a "Pic of the Day!" Enjoy!

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Hello Tweeps! Here's a Monday afternoon version of the "retired" Astronaut's "Pic of the Day!" Enjoy!

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Hey Tweeps! Not sure if you care anymore, but here's a POTD to enjoy! If you know where it is, let me know!

  • 956 days ago via site
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Hey Tweeps! Not sure how many are still out there, but here's another POTD for you to enjoy!

  • 960 days ago via site
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Hey Tweeps! Found some "old" E15 shots. Can you help me ID them! Return of Clay's World Famous POTD!

  • 961 days ago via site
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Tweeps! In honor of the College World Series in Omaha, NE. Today's POTD shows where it USED to be played; where?

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Thanks to men/women of Armed Forces. U sacrifice so much so people like me can live dreams. God Bless America!

  • 991 days ago via site
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Congrats President Bush! Honor, privilege to meet you! Thanks 4 your support 2 Columbia families! God Bless!

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POTD2: NEEMO 5: Left (top) Garrett Reisman, Peg Whitson, James Talacek; Rt (top) Emma Hwang, me, Ryan Snow

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Right now, I am really enjoying my retirement! Will you count this as one of my famous Pics of the Day?

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Clay's "Pic of the Day!" Hard to compete w/ Hadfield; his are gr8, some at night and he tells where they are!

  • 1088 days ago via site
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Hey Tweeps! How about a "Pic of the Day!" I am trying to do a few a week for now! Enjoy! It's good 2B back!

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Meeting w/His Holiness, Pope Benedict on STS-120 trip to Italy/2008. An honor and a privilege to meet this man.

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Clay's up for "Pic of the Day!" Or maybe a "Pic of the Week" for abit. This 1 made Astronomy Mag during E15!

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As I depart NASA today; am ready 2 take flight once again; a new adventure! Keep faith&follow; sprt NASA always!

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Tuesday version of the "Pic of the Day!"'s a bit cold here in Houston...and looks like in pic too!

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Bonus "Pic of the Day (and a #RR)" for NFL Football weekend! Go Texans....and Go Seahawks (as a clue to this POTD!)!

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A Saturday version of Clay's "Pic of the Day!" Enjoy my Tweeps!

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Clay's "Pic of the Day" for a Wednesday...more like a Pic of the week these days, huh Tweeps?

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