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I am taking a journey to the upper atmosphere with @Camilla_SDO to promote science education and Bears on Patrol

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I received (and transmitted through) the ISS APRS digipeater today!

Having fun at #EduAlley2011

Latest balloon wind data for Cape Kennedy, similar to what the were looking at yesterday for #GRAIL

Here's me in my vest with Gene Kranz's pneumatic tube

Amateur radio stations we heard directly through the ISS digipeater on the pass that just happened

Having fun w/ images. I just identified a random body of water from an image taken on BTS-1X at 60,000 feet

BTS-1X was very successful. I'll have more for you tomorrow

The meteorites

Set up an APRS iGate today

Field Day starts today!

Real time image of APRS propagation data. WOW! Something is going on

Hanging out with at #BTS1Brunch

Anatomy of #BTS1

Still waiting to see the videos from our flight. Here is a teaser..a still shot from the clip that's downloading.

For and others This is the last photo taken. We were in clouds before this one, but it looks odd

's Pic of the Day! cc :)

We had problems with fog, but on the right side, you can see the glow of the atmosphere and the clouds. #BTS1

Good morning. Say hello to downtown Houston from #BTS1

Our view from #BTS1 at about 80,000 feet

Here's a photo from #BTS1

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