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Project Coordinator w/BCGov, Marketing Assistant w/ @JunctionYVR. All-round chameleon, hugger and generally the opposite of normal. Life’s short...give’er.

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Breakfast time!!! I could seriously get used to this... thx baby! :)


How chilly was the start of our summer? It's october and one of my cannas is only just blooming!

Aw, adorbz. and coordinated outfits this morning: #DepotCrew

Pic from tonight's game:

Second period, 2, Cleveland Steamers 3

And this time I didn't have to fly down to Cardiff to hear sing. :) #bcplace

See? I'm not the only one attached to my phone. is too! #bcplace

. pom-poms: , yer dooin it wrong!

Um, drive carefully through the west van McD's drivethru: SKUNK!!


#Felions, meet ! Wish you were here ... #NotReally :p

Crazy cat lady has met her match ;)

. walkin the orange carpet!! Cc

yeah, cool guy. I'm like, totally CR mafia now:

for Arash: sundays need a lil Franks, right? #TravellingFranks

4 hours in the forest - should I be surprised a caterpillar just fell off my head? #RiversDay

The pulled invasives from today! #RiversDay

What was once a mess of blackberries is now 'fern gully' ;) #RiversDay

Everyone's helping! #puppy #RiversDay