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Project Coordinator w/BCGov, Marketing Assistant w/ @JunctionYVR. All-round chameleon, hugger and generally the opposite of normal. Life’s short...give’er.

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Caps 3, burnaby 0

Why yes, that IS caramel ice cream melting over just-out-of-the-oven choc-chip banana bread.

Happy for you both...even if there is too much 'home' in there for me ;) Xo

Do it. Do it and I'll f**king spank you!

Sweet! Forgot I bought this yesterday! #Nom

YES SHE DID. And here's Rocky: "moooom, put me the f**k down! I'm not f**king simba!"

annnd, it's already being used as a bed... Cc

Woohoo! Got my $20GC in the mail today! Thanks, ! :)

Good morning Vancouver! Frosty today...Brrrr...

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From hailstorms, wind warnings and stopped trams to this! :)

What do you do when you're stranded on Grouse with ? Impromptu tea party! Cc

Just a little hail up Grouse...

Ohai, lovely!

Ambleside: #ThisIsMyVancouver :)

And it's a 'yes to dessert' day: Chocolate peanut butter cup at :) #TwoSpoonsPlz

Italian chicken sammich at - The other half was lonnnng gone ;)

Beautiful Vancouver from the tram down. Another great afternoon with !

Astra = happy :D