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Project Coordinator w/BCGov, Marketing Assistant w/ @JunctionYVR. All-round chameleon, hugger and generally the opposite of normal. Life’s short...give’er.

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of COURSE, the minute I get home, now I find this. #SurfingEssential #FML

For you, - 'up a tree's skirt'... from Ucluelet! :)

Holy Spanish Moss, batman!

Good morning! Sunrise from my room at . LOVE!!!

Tasty garlic pita and homemade tzatziki at the Eagles Nest (half-eaten already, obvs) #HalfPrxAppies

Canucks, friendly people, a dog on the pub porch and this view. Not a bad Ukee afternoon!

Just a deer, walkin through town...

Long beach!

Christmas ornament, Ucluelet style:

Best thing about arriving at night? THIS view from is a surprise when you wake!


who's the best work road trip buddy?

just cleaned my purse...Can't believe that WordCampDev was feb! O_O #nastybear

Kinda wish you could all smell these... Salted Orange Toffee slices, Anna Olson. #OmNomNom

Doesn't look like much, but there's a lot of cookie dough goodness wrapped up to chill:

well, he doesn't say 'yes chef' but he is wearing orange rind:

*booooot* ps: bonus points for spotting Glen #NotReally #TooEasy