A Corsair in a crate and a puzzle puzzling himself.

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  • 1014 days ago via site
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So, I heard halloween is coming up?

  • 1028 days ago via site
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A Merchandise design for ' Cyan Productions.

  • 1071 days ago via site
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The Paragon & Obsidian Techsuits, each for their respective allignment. My previous personal armor will now be suggested for HeroSmash.

  • 1074 days ago via site
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Something I did for ; the Potato-Powered Switchsword. The blade is strongly transparent when not used in battle and glows brightly when in battle.

  • 1085 days ago via site
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Meet Alloy, a fully functionable battle pet suggestion for AQW. He's also the scourge of humanity.
The pose of his legs would probably be different in-game, unless it would look right for him to stand on his feet on that angle.

  • 1093 days ago via site
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The Omega Techkatana, a weapon I created as a tribute to and to go with his O.M.G. Omega set. Use the ''rotato photo'' function if you want to see the katanas from a different angle.

  • 1103 days ago via site
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The Underhold Swiftblade, a Legion-themed weapon I made for the Dage Vs. Nulgath war. Nulgath weapon coming up soon. :] I might make a more ''battle worn'' version as well.

  • 1104 days ago via site
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My personal character design for HeroSmash! Also one of those rare occasions where the design goes through paperwork before being Flashed.

  • 1125 days ago via site
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Sneaky peekie preview!

  • 1129 days ago via site
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The Obsidian helmet, a part of a HS set I might create soon.

  • 1132 days ago via site
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The Falcon VI, a random handgun I created to pass some time. Pretty satisfied with the outcome, actually. :]

  • 1136 days ago via site
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A small sneak-peek on a gunblade I'm working on.

  • 1136 days ago via site
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HL3 propaganda, anyone? Just something to pass the time with. :P

  • 1146 days ago via site
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The DoomKnight's Affliction, a DoomKnight themed axe suggestion for AQW.

  • 1151 days ago via site
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The Permafrost Armaments (the daggers will be re-named), to be suggested for AQW as another weapon/shield set.

  • 1155 days ago via site
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And the Permafrost Spear, featuring the removal of the outlines on the ice suggested by .

  • 1156 days ago via site
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The Permafrost Armaments, to be suggested for AQW and HS. Possibly ED if people want me to resize them to a sword.

  • 1158 days ago via site
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Outlines so far. If I like the result enough, I might make this into a weapon set. The blade is made out of ice shards.

  • 1161 days ago via site
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Prestige, originally designed by and Flashed by me. Whether it'll be suggested or not is up to him.

  • 1171 days ago via site
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