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Ummm I just sat down to eat and my food is so good crab cakes! At a restaurant called tequileria.. The shrimp were tasty2

But we just Had a ball watchin the wizards LOSE.. GOooooOo MEMPHiS!!!! Cheah!

I wasn't gonna go tonight but my sis can't stay still.. But we just had a ball watchin the wizards lose go Memphis

My son is off the chain the whole time we watchin the game he ckin for the cheerleaders.. Like father like son! Oh no

RT : Ummm yumm DINNEr.. That's paprika on my MAC.. But as u can see I cooked that chicken

Oh yea and you can't forget the best for you

I hate to keep twitpicin but if you have a zoom button on your phone look at all the ppl on FEDERAL hill

Why do I feel so bad for this chicken.. They choped his head and feet offf! It's even worst when I stand him on his feet

Goodmornin tweets.. I need to go start one of these boats and get out of town

I think I'll go float on these

they move to fast.. They were sleep.. There's 2 crabs and 2 shrimp.. Sum1 ate my nemo's but imma buy sum more this week

I made a apple pie with my BULLEt EXPrESS I ordered off TV lookie.. It's good

Ok how about they got the ravens lighted up written on the side of the marriott.. I've never seen that..

On the balcony doin what I do!! Get wit me..

Oops this is my pooda

My niece has her hair like mine, we look alike

Here's a twitpic

I bought the slap chop because I live the commerical.. I had to support him..

At the Chris brown show my iPhone camera sucks.. And my feet hurt.. I'm tired of standin here he performed for over an hr

Water show yeah, every so often.. Lol.. Ok I'm bein a hater

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