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I live to try and be someone I can love and be proud of, to be perfect in my own eyes. Here is the art side of me: http://t.co/bN4PLQbFOl http://t.co/mURpuxbS

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Finished! Yea never did one before so gave it a go... I love sports cars and looking at them so yea! Oh there are two signatures... they are both mine... one is my real and the other is my AE one... just so you don't think it's not drawn by me lol!

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This WIP of the 2nd castle room for Grovespire is scary, but I will finish it sometime soon, hopefully

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Weapon design by kinda reworked and gave it a bit of my flavour... hope I did justice! Took about 50 minutes...and yea it's been a long time that I did someone else's design, it was just random so don't flood me with request cos I generally don't flash other people's design... on rare occasions maybe ;)

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OK here is WIP of the Good prince concept on photoshop (still using a mouse :/ no tablet yet :/) I may get Ulti to flash it! Or I may flash it myself, depending on schedules; my schedule is packed for the next few months :/

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Really upgraded the face and I might change the pose a bit more! The sword took about an hour. Also the left is the ingame size reference which will be clearer on my deviant art upload!

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Final WIP of the Grovespire Good king this now is close to finish, but it takes longer than normal cos you don't have the template and you have to keep turning layers on and off. So far 8 hours spent on this... I estimate a max of 2-3 hours tomorrow, so should be finished tomorrow!

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Here is your gift oh evil I bestow you with an armor of the black dragon, an armor of AMAZING power! Crafted by the dragonsmith of Raja, this armor shall bring great victory to a very few of your warriors, but the power of this armor, will also be a sign of the allegiance of the Undead Legion and the Dragon Kin of Raja! I hope you accept this, evil Dage! Oh and Happy Birthday Dage!

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priest done

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priest WIP Tried a new shading style with the brush... like it?

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lol I am so bad at taking pictures of my drawings, but you can get a basic feel for the concept I hope lol!

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The female elite mage in her glory! Took me a bit more than 2 hours, came back after karate and finish

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redid the elite golden mage for and :P will be doing more armors once interface and 3 areas (with NPCs and monsters) are finished ;)

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and finally the login screen! Oh whose account is gonna look better mine or

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Why I need a tablet lol! :O

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what do you think? Also I have decided to change the bg to just the castle as it will start in the first 2 eras and so with new releases, new bgs to the login screen will change, and the border of the login screen will change. I tried to make the bg of the login panel as a hologram so thats still WIP

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have a look at my version, I haven't put the over-the-top shading yet but I did the rest of it, I forgot to upload though

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upload this here but here is a high res version! http://rajab4-aqw.deviantart.com/art/Grovespire-teaser-wallpaper-348850995

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ok this is what will be part of the login screen, but I will update it further for the area :O How is it?

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WIP of Future city... taking SUCH a long time... I wonder how long the whole are is gonna take :O Only the first room is gonna have a low camera, the rest of the rooms will have a high camera so the character has space to walk lol!

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ok WIP of future city.... do u think I should make it more interesting and make it EVEN more sci fi? I think I should so I will redo it I am thinking... although that will take more time,

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