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Gamer, fighting games enthusiast and a retrogamer wannabe! Saikyo style practitioner! ;-) PSN ID: ArtCancino

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#KOF movie is CRAP! In this scene while Kyo is walking away he slips on snow, they didn't even try to re-shoot it!

  • 402 days ago via site
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AMAZING fan art of the characters from #Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse! Dracula, Trevor, Grant, and Sypha! :D #Nes

  • 407 days ago via site
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From all the official artworks of #Capcom vs #SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001, this one is my favorite! WOW! :D

  • 408 days ago via site
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Beaten #Castlevania 3 with the 4 characters! But I need more so "Akumajo Densetsu" is next! I feel this powerful!:

  • 409 days ago via site
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Love this: how it's reveled that Sypha Belnades is a woman n' her relationship with Trevor! :D #Castlevania 3 #Nes

  • 409 days ago via site
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Check this AWESOME n' sexy #cosplay of Succubus, version artwork of Ayami Kojima for #Castlevania: DXC! Simply ❤_❤

  • 410 days ago via site
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#FamousMovieQuotes: "Don't you know who I am? I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!" Cain Marko - X-Men: The Last Stand #LOL!

  • 411 days ago via site
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#FamousMovieQuotes: "I'm too old for this shit!" Roger Murtaugh - Lethal Weapon's series. Classic! :D

  • 411 days ago via site
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Protip: Sypha is weak... but her spells (fire, ice & lighting) are devastating against bosses! #Castlevania 3 #Nes

  • 413 days ago via site
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Completed #Castlevania 3: DC with Grant! Check how he celebrates when the castle falls! Love you #Konami! :D #Nes

  • 414 days ago via site
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#FamousMovieQuotes: "It's lunch time..." Wednesday - Addams Family Values

  • 415 days ago via site
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#GamingBullshit: Grant Danasty from #Castlevania 3: DC #Nes (left) VS. Himself in "Judgment" #Wii (right)... ¬¬

  • 416 days ago via site
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Protip: Grant's attack power and reach is weak, but his ability to climb is great, unlock him! #Castlevania 3 #Nes

  • 416 days ago via site
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Arrived my #BlazBlue: Portable (Calamity Trigger) for #PSP! I see myself playing this bad boy for a log time! :D

  • 418 days ago via site
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Ha! Friendly #Nintendo characters always are very angry, like they're out for blood, in Super Mario Strikers! O_o

  • 420 days ago via site
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"Burning Fight" is a blatant, unashamedly copy of #FinalFight, but who cares? the game is neat and fun! :D #NeoGeo

  • 421 days ago via site
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Yeah, back then "Haunted Castle" was hard enough to ate me for lunch and spill the seeds! O_o #Castlevania #Arcade

  • 423 days ago via site
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Check this "Haunted Castle" #arcade poster! It's bad, and awesome, at the same time! XD #Castlevania #Retrogaming

  • 423 days ago via site
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Did I tell you how... beautiful... the graphics of "The Legend of #Zelda: The Minish Cap" for #GBA are? :D

  • 423 days ago via site
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Breaking news: #Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest still sucks! I won't beat this crap again so next is Dracula's Curse!

  • 424 days ago via site
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