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Gamer, fighting games enthusiast and a retrogamer wannabe! Saikyo student! ;-) PSN ID: ArtCancino

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My young years in a single pic... no regrets! :) #Gamer #Videogames #GamerLife #Arcade #Retrogaming #FightingGamer

  • 319 days ago via site
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#RivalSchools artwork! Sakura Kusanago & Hinata Wakaba (also Batsu, Hayato and Kyosuke)! :D #Capcom #FightingGames

  • 322 days ago via site
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Unused Norimaro moves of him fantasizing, ending with a massive #nosebleed! #Marvel vs. #StreetFighter

  • 323 days ago via site
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Dan Hibiki's current life resumed in a single pic... all hail the #Saikyo master! Norimaro couldn't resist it! XD

  • 324 days ago via site
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The "Shining Gou Shock"! Cyber Akuma (Mech Gouki) version of the #ShunGokuSatsu! :) #Marvel Sh vs. #StreetFighter!

  • 324 days ago via site
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U.S. Agent
Armored Spiderman
Dark Sakura
Cyber Akuma

  • 324 days ago via site
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From the #StreetFighter Alpha / Zero 2 strategy guide here's the "insane" Shin Gouki / Akuma combo done in a #PSP!

  • 326 days ago via site
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Done reading the "Hush" main saga (Vol. 1 & 2) An excellent job by Jeph Loeb n' Jim Lee! GENIUS! #Batman #DCComics

  • 329 days ago via site
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Well, now I know where #Capcom took the "inspiration" for the NETWORK menu screen in Super #StreetFighter 4! #SSF4

  • 330 days ago via site
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Vega / M. Bison has the best ending in #StreetFighter 2 Turbo! Dictator looks great in the last pic! #Retrogaming

  • 330 days ago via site
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Now the generic ending sequence by beating Vega / Bison in #Capcom vs. #SNK Pro! These bosses don't fear death! XD

  • 331 days ago via site
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As promised, here is the standard ending sequence you get by beating #Capcom vs #SNK! Final boss: Geese Howard! :)

  • 331 days ago via site
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Only against M. Bison we can see this special, brutal Akuma's entry in #Capcom vs. #SNK: Pro! His Misogi, no less!

  • 332 days ago via site
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There are not propers, individuals endings in #Capcom vs #SNK Pro, but this sequence can be taken as the real one!

  • 333 days ago via site
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Evil Ryu
Wild Iori

If you're worthy they will challenge you in #Capcom vs. #SNK Pro! #PSX

  • 333 days ago via site
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Now reading #Superman / #Batman Finest Worlds! Genius how they put together the Silver & Golden ages of #DCComics!

  • 338 days ago via site
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More #Saikyo progress! Now challenged by God / Ultimate Rugal with +1000 GP using Dan Hibiki! :) #Capcom vs #SNK 2

  • 338 days ago via site
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Japanese cover for #Capcom's Secret File book featuring the Super #PuzzleFighter II Turbo game! So #kawaii! ^_^

  • 343 days ago via site
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Cabinet view filter in #MortalKombat #Arcade Kollection is sweet! The #retrogaming feel! These sexy scanlines! ;-)

  • 344 days ago via site
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My #Saikyo skills are on point! Challenged by Shin Akuma / Gouki by using Dan 'The Man' Hibiki! #Capcom vs. #SNK 2

  • 344 days ago via site
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