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Gamer, fighting games enthusiast and a retrogamer wannabe! Saikyo student! ;-) PSN ID: ArtCancino

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Shao Khan

Outworld kombatants as they appeared in #MortalKombat: Annihilation! #Outworld

  • about an hour ago via site
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Sodom (Katana) from his #FinalFight & #MightyFinalFight days! Awesome in both versions! #Arcade #Nes #Retrogaming

  • 1 day ago via site
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#Superman #Batman 6th collected edition! Art and story are great, and #Darkseid appears in it too! WIN! #DCComics

  • 2 days ago via site
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Captain Command!
Ginzu the Ninja!
Mack The Knife!
Baby Head!

#CaptainCommando in #Marvel vs #Capcom!

  • 5 days ago via site
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Morrigan Aensland "Eternal Slumber" special in #Marvel vs #Capcom: Clash of the Super Heroes! It's tempting... ;-)

  • 6 days ago via site
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Dan changes in #USF4 are good, but I wish they added 1% damage to his taunts that hits, like in #SFA3 (X-ism Dan)!

  • 6 days ago via site
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#Capcom chars in the beach! Everything here is lovely but, *sigh* why is Dan wearing a one piece bathing suit?! ¬¬

  • 6 days ago via site
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Death from above... the #Capcom version! ;-)

  • 14 days ago via site
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#Superman #Batman 5th collected edition! This volume is special because it tributes the silver and golden ages! :D

  • 16 days ago via site
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They're popular now but who doesn’t remember the canonical group introduction of The Dolls? #StreetFighter Alpha 3

  • 16 days ago via site
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#Superman #Batman 4th collected edition! Follows the time travels paradox of the 3rd volume, but in a smarter way!

  • 21 days ago via site
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My #PS3 Gold Wireless Stereo Headset! Now I'll play at night as loud as I fucking want, you fuckers! XD #GamerLife

  • 23 days ago via site
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Infiltrating #ArkhamAsylum before it was cool! XD I don't know why buy I'm having so much fun! #Batman Begins #PS2

  • 23 days ago via site
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You can see the whole city... you can glide with his cape... but sadly you can't explore it... #Batman Begins #PS2

  • 23 days ago via site
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Go Hibiki fan-art! If Capcom resurrected Gouken, why not him? Still a better option than Decapre for USF4! #Saikyo

  • 26 days ago via site
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Martial arts bears! See? I'm not making up those things! Kuma, Heihachi's pet from #Tekken, is another example! :)

  • 28 days ago via site
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Training with Karateka bears deep in the forest... Brazilian Kyokugenryu Karate! Khushnood Butt! #Garou MOTW! #SNK

  • 28 days ago via site
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Personal theory: Khushnood Butt does appears in Takuma's stage, in #ArtOfFighting 2! #Garou MOTW #SNK #Retrogaming

  • 29 days ago via site
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#Superman / #Batman 3rd collected edition! Heavy themed with the time travels paradox, but it's good! :) #DCComics

  • 30 days ago via site
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The racing level with the #Batmobile in the #Batman Begins videogame are quite good with a lot of speed sense!