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My fam is awesome, there is a gluten & dairy free option for every single food item, including turkey and pecan pie :)

Morning beach walk with in Prov! So great to be near the family.

Black cat attack!!!! Snuggle attack!

Sooooo pretty I can't get enough!

Central park walk with before work!

Here I go!!! Goodybe Chicago! Living out of a suitcase till I find and I a place to live! Wish me luck!

Last night w/ friends, watching JasonX, faces of confusion

Let the packing or bust!

Patient passenger #mansbestfriend

People at stop'n shop in RI obviously did not go to elementary school, or are just spanish #finderror #epicspellingfail

Oh my, ripped heher skirt!

Family grill out....

He actually got slit #getslit

2 months on Warped Tour with no problems, 1 week home and is hooked to an I.V.

Take the boy off tour, but cant take tour outa the boy. in bed w/ phone, ipod, in-ears & laser pointer.

Hanging in Portland with 's leading lady

Being on Chicago time has its perks, I got to watch the sunrise rise over the mountains #onlyoneawake #viewfromtourbus

I dont mind waking up at 4am if this is the view I have at sunrise. I love the west coast. Why do I live in midwest?

Apparently doesn't think its funny when peoeple fall into boxes.