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Every time a magician produces a bunch of flowers from nowhere he has actually used a wormhole to steal from a florist. Do not applaud this.

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Our Christmas range is live: Too lazy to click? Here is a pretty picture to look at instead:

Some Oh My Goodness facts about Tuesday:

Coming soon to cinemas. Trees - a love story:

HORSE racing news!

Always remember the THREE STEPS:

HAM TECH: Looking to buy a new ham? We compare the latest ham offerings from Apple and Google…

The Voice returns. The format remains the same, but Tom Jones has been replaced with a giant chess piece:

Jeremy Paxman: the perfect Easter gift:

SHOWBIZ NEWS: Ryan Gosling sports bold new salad look:

A look at some of the unusual new features of the Samsung Galaxy 4:

There's something not quite right about this list of Pope candidates, but I can't put my finger on it…

Want to get your mum something a bit different for Mother's Day? Then check out our alternative gift guide:

Here's a summary of the news while we were away, time travelling:

Some expertly fact-checked facts about Pancake Tuesday: