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An Abyssal-Officer of the Nulgath Nation, painting pictures with the blood of his victims...

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#Lionhart Stealth-trooper sketch! Just the beginning of my Collab with & ! -

  • 973 days ago via site
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New set complete! I'm Not 100% satisfied with the outcome but I may toy with it a bit more.

  • 974 days ago via site
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My #AQW #Chaos Contest entry! A Banner to memorialize World War Lore; Hero vs Chaos!
By The0d0sis

  • 977 days ago via site
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First look at my new personal set. Just a sketch for now but taking over the persona of "Theon: Prince of Cinder"

  • 978 days ago via site
  • 194

5 minute sketch of basically how it's gonna go down...I need a tablet .-.

  • 989 days ago via site
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Late-night sketch of a new weapon-pack I'll be working on -
L>R: Staff; Sword; Aux; Axe; Armblade

  • 995 days ago via site
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From Brush strokes to Line manipulation, I introduce some new P&E Flintlocks!

  • 1002 days ago via site
  • 198

You told me "Make it look epic" so I'm making it look insane!

  • 1007 days ago via site
  • 159

Another ED-Themed sketch but this time it's a new sidearm called the "B10-Blaster" (or Bio-Blaster)
#EpicDuel WIP

  • 1008 days ago via site
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"Rhino Beetle Pod-Tank" vehicle sketch for ED
I'm so in over my head xD -

  • 1009 days ago via site
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Line art just about complete for my new ED armor set. How does "Armored Necrosis" sound? WIP

  • 1014 days ago via site
  • 240

Roughly sketched an ED Armor concept with my mouse yesterday night while my internet was down - WIP (New Signature)

  • 1015 days ago via site
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Fiendish Bloodlust - P&E versions?

  • 1017 days ago via site
  • 313

Drew a quick personal Butter-Blade as requested. Soft as a babies tush yet strong as Nulgath's jaw line!

  • 1018 days ago via site
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There you have it, Mortals! My very first (legit) weapon "The Fiendish Bloodlust Blade" is now complete! Had tons of fun crafting this beast from the souls of all the little Heroes running around Lore. And who knows, maybe one day you'll get to enjoy it as well! -

  • 1018 days ago via site
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Recycled that centerpiece into my new Company Logo that'll be used in the near future. Opinions?

  • 1022 days ago via site
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Doing a Collab with & I got to design the Armor Concept. Calling it the "Phoenix Lord" for now. (WIP)

  • 1044 days ago via site
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Reintroducing the all new "Thief" class to Operation: KG which will feature both Ranged and Stealth based Attacks!

  • 1045 days ago via site
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(Just for the Forums)

  • 1050 days ago via site
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My NEW BattleGems Contest Entry to replace the other: Caramelldansen with the Brutalcorn!
By The0d0sis

  • 1058 days ago via site
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