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Prickly pear fetch quest complete!

Aw, Nathan Drake you're such a swell guy. Donating your dagger to the museum:

Hell yeah!!!!

PSG meet my lovely lady hunter...

MH3 arrived this weekend, but haven't played it too much yet.

Wow, amazon prime ships crazy fast! Placed my order last night and look what showed up today:

This is my cat. His name is Buddy, and he is awesome. That's all.

Thank you sales on Amazon;

Sometimes I love the mail. This is one of those times.

OMG! Found 2 large boxes filled with comics. Thought I lost all of them.


Cleaning out a closet and finding some pretty old stuff I forgot about.

Who has two thumbs and loves violence? This guy does:

Back home, and found this lovely game waiting to greet me

Terra cotta warriors mount up!

In DC, so figured I'd swing by

Feeling like shit today, but I still went out and picked this up:

Just checked the mail, and found this:

And here is another pic

Boom! This just happened...

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