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It's a little messy but it's very good.

Dahlias just shot up in my yard:]. #ThingsInMyYard

Entomologists, #WhatIsThis cute little bug?:]

Last day with all my pretty hair:S...

Things in my own backyard:].

I don't remember cicadas being so beautiful. I wonder if it sings...

OMG A CICADA. They aren't supposed to come back for another 15 YEARS!!!! What is it doing here????

I'm eating this for my #2000th tweet:].

Look at this gross thing in my yard:].

you can:].

I don't know what kind of spider bit me but I don't feel good. My hand doesn't look good either:/...

#BluesFestival with

Is this not the cutest burner?:]

La Ruga, Mayora Suz Oxurman, Population: 1500+.

"La Vista y La Sora" Ceraco - Mayor Uugryn Fadti, Population: 41000+

"Mosave Financial District" Mordanello - Mayora Vinisa Basir, Population: 28000+

"Downtown Hoya" Loga Sueste - Mayor Sassimo Ergoba, Population: 21000+

Costa Fuego - Mayor Rahman Aleeleo, Population: 3000+

#SimCity I've built 6 cities in two days. 5/6 good ones. I've just about conquered the SouthEast.