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RT what lens?


First pic right out of the box with the Canon 5D Mark iii.
There's a big learning curve here. But, pretty good.

Rule of thumb #531
An opened box will immediately be filled with a cat.

Führer On A Shelf is not selling very well.
He's watching you.

RT So, any chance you have a picture of you in your sweet Joe Namath fur coat? If so, please post.


RT of course he'd from a prominent well to do Long Island community lol


RT RT “: RT if Beavis doesn't finish his pain meds...

-What do you think I'm washing down with this wine?”


RT because you need more money?

-Do I have this yet? I think not.

Woohoo, I gots mines yo.

Fucking monsters. Every day with the same animals.

Fucking monsters. Every day with the same animals.

RT •Paul Walker
•Nelson Mandela
•Peter O'Toole
•Beavis' Balls

-Let's be honest, only one is a real tragedy.

-Stop whining

RT man.. It must be tiny

-Bet when this guy was murdered he wanted a gun & some ammo.

RT cute PJs

-Ah, comfy is comfy.
And, you know...goes well with this.

He holds no grudge.

RT Merry Christmas, sir.

-And you.

RT Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

-Come ON already!!

Oh, he's fine people.

Ahhh, Jeeze, wtf!