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can’t wait for this to drop man. #preordered //

just this of the cops coming, there was AT LEAST 25 cars that passed me on the way in //

Hey where'd my direction titles go? I.e north/south/east/west

I'm hoping one of these days Apple will open up the API to load a users wallpaper like they do on the remote app! //


Oh snap! Google play music app is out for iOS! //

I’m gonna make it! //

It all makes sense now… #starwars //

I’m on this Perk Up Coffee again, y’all better watch out.

Workout view this AM! #letsgetit //

Boom! //

@ best buy, try to buy game, dude says sold out n go buy it from PS store, bought, 90 sec later #WeLiveInTheFuture //

This is happening! #WWDC //

Didn’t know maps did this! //

You tryna race, bro? //

Any one else find this ironic? //

The convo going on with my roommate right now

Never had this happen with Dar Sky, anyone else? //

Ugh. The twitter #music app is gorgeous! Loving the spotify integration! //

Cuteness overload //