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Cold Corner 2 sounds like an album. It's a dope mixtape. This reminds me of it >>>>>>

Car accident in the rain on Fri in Brooklyn, NY…

This was @ Best Buy Theater last night in Times Square-42st NYC… #SaluteToHipHop

Look how they made Mary J. Blige look on the cover of the Daily News in NYC. She's prettier than that. #Planetoftheapes

Resort World Casinos in NYC… #Fourleafclover :-)

A ghetto -ss way of making pancakes. #Wheretheydothat@? Lol :-)

Classic moment in Hollywood history. The hairstyle on #JadaPinkett in Menace to Society… Lol :-)

's stunt double. (He's the one who really had the seizures) Lol :-)

I lovveee to see my beautiful black sisters doing something positive. #News12 by Atlantic Mall in Brooklyn, NY

Sheepshead bay, Brooklyn…

is mad corny. They said that was sniffin' coke but, there is a girl on her knees in the pic :-(

Classic #JadaPinkett in Menace 2 Society. Look @ that hair… Lol :-)

I have to get a slice of the American >>>

RayJ said you were his big brother & ya'll grew up together. Pic: RayJ behind Shane in May '10… :-(

RayJ: Mayweather is my big brotha, we grew up together. Pic: RayJ behind Shane in the Mayweather fight. Now: #Moneyteam

W'sup tweeters? I got 3 #Wackberry's for sale. Let's do business. They're all Verizons…

if he wasn't successful… Lol :-)

News reporter standing in water & foam on the beach in 60mph winds. Crazzzzyyy!

This dude is bugging. Reporting live right in #HurricaneIrene

Thanks to my ghetto Red Bulls, I'm wired all day. I got 3 of these this morn' with my breakfast. Only a $1 each. Lol :-)

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