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The official mailing of the AE Bracket Challenge prize pack!

yup. I'm people that knows people.

Skyler: "I've done more for women's basketball than people who won 4 championships." Cable Box: AW HELL NAW

#MULax in their road blues:

You are looking LIVE at Hoerster Field! #MULax #BeatND

According to the JS's Twitter feed, Trent Lockett was just issued a Flagrant 1 for, I dunno, elbowing a mug.


Berggren is shaving points.

Seriously. Just stop. #mubb

And because Wichita State won: SAD PITT BEAR!

Apparently not, no.

WOW. #TwitterFail #mubb

Badger fans making poor decisions as per usual:

Not everyone is talking about the same game.

Perfect timing as always, Journal Sentinel.

#SpringSport #MUWLax

Look at the timestamps and then look at the clock at the top. Stop sucking, JS. #mubb

LOL "back and forth"

This is a picture in the AE editing hopper from Saturday's game credited to USA TODAY Sports.

#MUWLax TIME! #SpringSport