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Makin breakfast like a champ #fuckyeahyum

In class doodle #bored #sad

Awhh my mom made mini cheese cakes with heart shapped strawberries on top for valentines day :)

The resemblance is uncanning! He just has longer greyer hair! #MrKwest #looksliketheprofess

I'm actually impressed with my work! :) #thatshitcray

Sprinkles, all over the floor. #CLOSEENOUGH #likaboss

This project SUCKED butt! However.. a girl in class said it reminded her of Pocahontas so that makes me smile :)

Happy hours from 4 to 6! My lovely drink I made.. by myself. #merp #whataloserr

What happens after I snack! #immapiggy

The milk is frozen! How am I suppose to eat my cereal?? #hahahah

My cats need a life! #AllUpInMyKoolAid

Meowy.. Christmas everyone!! #specialgirl

Halala I wonder what this could be?? Mandas secret present to us! #shh

Oh we go all out with our cookies! Check it #rainbow #tradition

Making spritz cookies with fuckin YUM! #colorfulcookiedough

Oh muhaha, I wounda why its not mixin!? #thatsjustsilly!

You guys! This is solidified milk! Omgomgomg gag! #satoutfor2days

My early birthday present from Jack! :) 'hes so ugly, he's cute!' #hisnameisGus!

Awh I love my job! They rock! :)

We have our own wireless router and yet I see this on my screen about every day, for the whole day.. #fucked

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