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nightsession!!! time to get some energy!!! #monster #learn

germany is looking for his next superstar :D well I thing I better go to my dancing than singing there XD

I'm going to be sooooo happy when the first exam will be done tomorrow!!!

me and my new Teddy-me send you all sweet dreams and a beautiful day to the other side of the world!! <3

next learnsession here we go...zoology and chemistry yaaay^^

ready to parteeeeey :D have a brillant weekend everybody <3 :-*

love ya all <3 #suuummeeerr <3

party is over...2moro I have to go back studying. So me and little Minion need some sleep:D love ya all!!xxx

party is over... 2moro I have to go back studying. So me and little minion need some sleep now ;) love ya all!!xxx

I know its weird but for some reason I got the feeling that its easier for me to learn with my dancingshoes on :D

next exam is close, so I need a loooot of energy :D cheers...#secondbestfriend #energyyyymonster

last day befor the exam....this is going to be a looooong night....


#flashbackfriday ;) me with my first boyfriend:D ...well I guess he was more interested in the xmas-presents :D

there he is :D #wolfcreek

guys I need your help...I orderd two pairs of shoes for dancing and now I cant decide :D black or white?? thx :*

sweetheart look whos at TV atm: Gerard Butler :D my flatmate is sooo jealous about you in Attila :D xxx

too hot to just send you all a good night or beautiful day <3 xxx #trainingforasixpack

some fun at University :D #booooring

just had a great night at a concert of the band "blue" :D