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Designing/ cinematography/ animation

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I was gonna show what I was eating, but thought naa I'll show you what a pussy eats!!

A'right we got this 6" XXL Lol Elliot and a splifferella made with the crazy lookin shit, for the next few mins... And then some

Just try and imagine the size, XXXL packed full of super silver haze! Wow that sent us to that ground!

Here we are Harry, I know who Im supposed to be in life now. The Lovable Stoner #Cars2 #Pixar #DisneylandParis #morr

Drake tappin sum bongggg

Aslong as you can see the flame, Mojo man will keep on burnin

Used the thing like twice in three days of buying, We've got the most collected kief from a grinder yet! #KIEFNIGGA

#FOX's Sports biscuits are the shit when you high early morning It's Mr I #nemohoes #puffpuffpasstuesdays

I wonder what this place is...

This that good shit just puff it and relax bro Super Silver Haze

Super silver hush hush haze nigga!

XL the bigger they are the better they burn!

Ohh for fucks sake!! Im soo stoned I licked the bastard tooo hard it broke! Wtf kinda ice cream breaks! Wtf lol hahaha

Yummy I can't believe how much I have ate.... Toooo much foooood.... I need to start jogging again...

Fat man on a bike = funny shittt

I ain't complaining, iss jus advertisement, how we do in Walsall

My love, the greatest fucking city on this earth!! NYC!!!