Expect me nigga like you'd expect Jesus to come back, expect me nigga I'm coming #TupacShakur

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Illness got me looking homeless #AtTheDeskForOnce

The way my sister's making up under 16yrs' names so she can get this lot free from her pharmacy

Spotted Mr Pattinson on the way home #Juicy

He thinks he's a pro #RealShit

Lmao harshh

Both need to go back to bricks. Can't do this touchscreen shiz

This is actually so relaxing to do in bed #MusicTheory #BunBioRevision

Lets make this one a heavy one yeah God? #NoSchool #NoDeadlines

http://m.facebook.com/home.php?ref=bookmark&__user=772735103 Lmao go on the link to read the rest, this woman's so jokes! Such a neekk


First in HMV and now in the middle of Croydon #Madting

I remember doing this?!

Bro made himself a space shuttle :')

These two are actual NEEKS #Cringe #CantSpell

Gassed that my nails were the same colour as the writing

An hour and a half later of solid typing and he's written 8 lines and 'sexual'.

Bro hard at work writing up my coursework #Winning

My baby made me a Valentines card <3

Casj taking the register home with me #ShitDeputyFormCaptain

#TakeTwoOfTheAllnighters Statistics, Chemistry, English CW, Music Theory #LetsDoThis

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