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I know I’m being petty, but something really annoying about her tweet being the top tweet in this hashtag.

Doing the #tacoorbeerchallenge at Torchy’s in Austin like a BAWSE. I donated to . cc

The bitter subtweets of the most irrelevant man on Twitter — I drink them right up.

In case you need more shit to be irritated about, courtesy of Fox: Octavia Spencer as “Scary Bitch.”


RT : Brand/recipe?! //

omg outside is the worst. but dammit if this dog isn’t the cutest dog alive. #SpanielDayLewis

I’m really looking forward to news anchors saying “eyeFLOODpanties” when talking about this iconic image.

#assholster had the nerve to tweet that he doesn’t harass anyone. it’s pure madness.

. @ dickc #assholster account. #2 for today.

What are you doing about serial harassers? #askcostolo

. I woke up to this. I shouldn’t have to every day. literally EVERY DAY. #assholster #askcostolo

. And two minutes later, we have #Assholster account number 2 for today. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

. #Assholster account number 1 for today. No racist/sexist slurs… this time. DO SOMETHING.


Look what got me for my birthday! <3 I love it!

. Assholster account number two for today. You’re going to get tired of this. Trust me.

. 6:38 a.m. first Assholster account of the day. You’re just going to let this racist harassment go on?

RT : Do I even want to know who that is??// Joaquim Almeida


Rev. Barber is turnt up. #NN14