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But gorgeous! In return, I give you my sunset. ;)

Sorry, but my cat is the fucking cutest. #notsorry #chevronthekitteh #lapcat

"I can't believe we're the same species." #godilovethisshow #thewestwing

He's a beauty! And the big ones always think they're lap dogs! lol He a bed hogger like mine, too? ;)

Scratch that. Doggie AND kitteh in bed. I predict this will be my nights for the up-coming week. Crowded, but love. <3

Doggie in the bed and kitteh in the window and Angie sleepy sleepy. Night night.

Hey, lookie what came in the mail today! Thank you! :D ()

THE ACTUAL BEST. #TheWestWing #CJismyfavorite #BigBird #thisshow

-- the snow to pick it up in time. LOL ;) But it's a preview of how happy I am to finally have it! <3)

Oh yay, it's working again! Don't know how the hell it got to the Spanish menues, though... LOL #TheWestWingrewatch

My co-workers and I are dorks. Awesome, dinosaur fighting dorks. ;)

My co-workers and I are dorks. Awesome, dinosaur fighting dorks. ;) ( )

Awesome birthday gift from the equally awesome ! <3 <3 <3 #SG1

Wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing this little fellah might be scared out of his mind. <3

Awwwww! :D <3 Show them this one. LMFAO

Have spent this entire ep going "JACK'S CABIN!!" while pointing excitedly at the TV. lol #PrimevalNewWorld #SG1

Who DID get me this? LOL If you wanna stay a secret santa panda, THANK YOU! <3 If not, tell me who you are! <3

Which one of you wonderful people sent me this???? #SG1 #whoeveryouareILOVEYOU #flail

Chevron's totally a Goa'uld. Or a Tok'ra. Neither is very comforting, tbh. #wtf #iamsotired #chevronthekitteh

Best thing to arrive in the mail in ages! Beautiful by the ever awesome ! <3