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Goodnight. We're spooky.

You guys should probably worry about me a lot more than you already do.

Soon I'll be white again.

Nearly naked in a creepy "outdoor" bar covered in lipstick & Im not even mad. Abe mask was a big hit. Good night #bday

Today's my birthday :)

This happened to me tonight. Luckily I ALWAYS have my tits pushed up to my chin.

I just found free stickers. Sorry, mother fuckers. *im wearing a blanket. I'm not actually 400 lbs.

Bring us a pancake

My 11 year old nephew on a Kik chat. He behaves a lot better than I do evidentially

You'll never find a clearer mouth than mine. Contrary to popular belief

Why won't men kiss me??

Cats, drugs, rock & roll

Birthday gifts I've bought myself so far: #boobs #philcollinsshit This better get a trophy. #showthistoyourdads

Still in bed because no kids :)

Can I show your cat my vagina?

Naked for Neil

Is this a Jew or not a Jew?

Hey, add me on Facebook and I'll customize some of your pics for FREE

"In loving memory" would have been a stretch

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