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Shout out to the kid Hey Jimmerz, SALUTE! Happy birthday my g! drankin yards ova here

My pants just got tight. Woodchucks and....4 loko in a bottle? #StayClassy

Who are you and why the fuck are you parked outside my house?

1 more fuckin tiiiiiiime!!!! 5 second pose #LetsGoAllTheWay

Oh what?!?!?! Stop! 5 second pose. Sup boots!

5 second pose

Problem solved. Next!

We did it yall!!! YES WE CAN!

Who throws out a Tito Puente record?!

Aiight now youre just being an asshole about it

wish i could buy pear by the bottle locally! Im forced to get my fix at a bar! #LINeedsPearWoodchucks

Would a woodchuck chuck?



#real sup

Shoutout to Dennis from levittown for getting that national geographic exposure for his mods. I need that

Got that special wax 46. #StayClassy

Walking around with thos cutout was awkward as fuck


I got a chubby. Pause. Fuck a faygo.