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Small World, go ahead!


Disney people love Chronic Taco!

Disney peple love Chronic Taco!

Found a shirt that should wear to proclaim how successful he is in every aspect of his life!

Check out what I'm buying!!!

Want to know what's really cool? I own this chai, I'm not renting it.

And he claims to "hate" comparisons to his father?

Nola in the bath!!! Awwwwww.....

Which one is Clyde the Glide??

I didn't go to the most recent game, but apparently I won a hat signed by the entire team. So dope.

Look at all that horchata!!!

Los Angeles, you are very hot today.

My booty will be slamming!!!

Banking on Evan Turner being an NBA caliber player. I picked the winner last year!

At this yard sale. I'm about to get Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Time Force on VHS.

This question is for , how does this taste?

Wanted to blow my nose with this guy's cheesecake and almost did so. Why??

use this...

My teacher thinks he knows everything about everything. He looks like an owl.

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