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Busiest hair cutter in Corona. Builds electric guitars from scratch. Fitness enthusiast, used to be fat. Digs grunge & punk. Into philosophy. Book (951)898-5840

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I raised grain, sanded FLAT, grain filled, sealed- still flat surface, until I sprayed black

You're jealous.

cool... ... ps: here is my latest creation, half finished...

not sure. Don't know what they sell for these days... FULL of grunge/punk

I have a 3G iPhone and an 80gb iPod for sale. Also a stack, I mean STACK of guitars... Lemme know if you want

go to the booth and check out my baritone guitar! It's there all days. I'm there Sunday.

Did you miss my tweets about eats?!

My handmade baritone guitar will be at NAMM! Go to the booth!

The "tone knob" is actually a rotary switch for the pickups...

Anyone like to play HEAVY?! 28.625" scale with hum/single pickups... This thing is beefy... Tuned to drop A...

I've always LOVED the band Refused, but just learned that they ripped off Nation Of Ulysses... Repeatedly!

I forgot to say, 28.625" scale length... Way longer than standard...

It sounds as heavy and evil as the fattest demon, but it's neon green pearl on a vintage-inspired shape...

I guess I'm still inspired building guitars :)

The mitten building is awesome. Expect my wedding there, come October :)

This pic is you==> RT : why do I always help behemoths with their giant ass feet?

Can't wait to leave work (hair) so I can get to work (guitar) today...

Hey!!! Gym rats and meat heads, have you used this product? Gimme your feedback ASAP! Text me if you can