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Game Informer executive editor, Tripping Icarus guitarist, Project Grendel designer

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My night.

I had to.

The view from the top of the slide.

Walking is the wors...I love walking!

Love it!

He clearly doesn't want to be saved. Let him live in captivity.

No. No. No. No. Does this cookie even know me?

Free iPhone background for all my enemies!


Guardian of my desk.

Double the XIII -- one on PS3, one on 360.


Meg demanded pictures of her 42nd birthday party. Here you go, Meg!

In line for BFBC2.

No matter how hard you play, you can never beat a guy that looks like this.

Time to go home sick.

My weekend.

Playing Modern Warfare 2 with Soulja Boy.

The best view from inside the Vikings locker room. And no, that's not Kluwe's GI.

Now made from clubbed seal pups.