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Game Informer executive editor, Tripping Icarus guitarist, Project Grendel designer

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Check out this Dog Football sticker.

Here's what scientists think Velociraptors look like in 2011. Next year they'll look like beavers.

Remember Mask?

Mandatory reading #twitterbookclub

Here's a playable character from my "Project Grendel" board game. Still a good year of work left before it's done.

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

And now I just want to watch The Muppets.

A bowl of this and then EDF.

The lawn almost looks good.


Celebrating Fourth of July with kittens in the pool.

Designing Women

My favorite Batman comic cover.

Don't let Grant Morrison see this.

The Lost party begins.

This sign sits over the ketchup at my local Chicago dog joint.

The Blackhawks sure look like they love losing. Wait...