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This week's game give away is Illusion of Gaia for SNES. Reply if interested. The winner will be picked tomorrow.

We're back!

Andrew Ryan, protector of cheap lunches.

Here she is. Includes map and manual.

If the human race disappears, I hope the next species that replaces us bases our history off of this wall writing.


QuakeCon just turned into a giant party.

The Dark Knight Returns' Catwoman makes my nerd alarms sound. "Danger! Danger!"

Hands on with Skyrim.


Interesting direction for Captain America 2, Marvel.

Indiana Jones chased the Ark. I'm searching the planet for this rare gem.

Time to watch Monsters.

Bane's costume looks like this.

You get to fight this.

An hour later...

An iPhone level bar app told and I that this was level. I could ski down that slope.


Take that, NFL strike!!!