An insect psychologist examines human behaviour, science, education, & disability rights, from personal & social theory perspectives & points inbetween. + Food!

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Thrown Chowder: potatoes, creamed corn, spinach, cheese, onion sauteed in bacon fat. Because that's what I had.

The Day Has Come. The tomato & avocado are ripe! + Toast, bacon, blue cheese & lettuce: Proofreader's Sandwich (-:

I just did ALL of my laundry. So where the heyll are the rest of my #socks? I had them last week!

So I'm about to Skype a friend and my headphone jack falls apart. *snap, snap, snap* Okay. Try again ...

Well, flip. Three random china plates got accidented, and I spilt most of me #shandy. Calling it a day!

#SprocketBier, "Black Rye Kolsch style". Big, deep, dark, smooth, tinge sweet. Would be good with BBQ, methinks.

Mnn, #chocolate! ... Why did I wait so long to make #Brownies?

Time for some Earl Grey #tea & orange Jaffa Cakes!

Oh what a friend we have in #Cheeses! #Lunch

I may have to research this #SprocketBier - FOR SCIENCE! (Meanwhile I've a nice Newcastle Brown Ale.)

Once in a while it seems that a Biohazard bag would be useful when cleaning out the fridge!

Seriously, why must everything - even cute Hallowe'en #spiders - be covered in #glitter?! Glitter NEVER goes away!

A #BLT sandwich is fabulous, but like ripe peaches or watermelon, should be eaten over the sink. (-;

Grandson, awed over jewelry & watch bits to make #robot: "This stuff- the key- is SO NEAT!" Future #steampunk er?

2014, May 6. 92°F in #KansasCity. Hot as hell already! Spring was Tuesday last week.

How to Feel Years Younger Instantly! Pick a high stool & let your feet dangle -- or, swing! (-:

#Cashier job perks: smelling folks' freshly-groung #coffee, live basil, & Hyacinths!

Sharing some home-made toast for
Zeebra Mann.

Behold the awesomeness that is orange sherbet with Hershey Special Dark #chocolate syrup!

Oh my, the #Shatto eggnog is in! It's the best on the planet!

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