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I love music, tv, and having fun. This is #AndreasWorld Jail account @andreainjail

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My days are always great with you guys.

Just got my tube of your Photoready BB cream from you guys. Used it and loved it. #WhenDoYouBB

I'm about to sink my teeth into your boneless chicken. It's that good. #iatethebones

Mountie on the Bounty is in my top five fave #DueSouth episodes. It's one epic episode.

Drinking a glass of chocolate milk is a sweet way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

A group of New York Cares volunteers are cleaning up Sandy damage in my neighbrhood. An awesome sight.

Just enjoying some while getting my hair done. It's the perfect pick-me-up.

Even my stuffed friends are psyched about the puppet episode. #ThePuppetsAreComing

Just hanging around the block today. Don't wanna stay home on a day like this.

Your Chicken and Bacon Premium Wrap is awesome. A great combo of crispy and smoky. Love it.

Enjoying a box of your Sweet and Salty Popcorn Chips. Oh my goodness, it's better than chips.

Enjoying a Strawberry Pop-Tart. A sweet treat to enjoy while watching TV.

The goodies I got made my hair award worthy. Thanks. #WantThatHair

This is what I found at my library. Watched them both. Loved them both.

Blackberry the supermodel.

Watching Play Misty For Me on DVD. That woman stalking Clint Eastwood is one crazy bitch. The film is good though.

Having a blast at my church tonight. My church always throws some awesome parties. It's a West Indian congregation.

Watching the #SoupAwards again. It's funny the second, third, fourth, fifth (oh you get the idea) time around.

Blackberry is just chilling on my bed while I watch the #SoupAwards again.

Having some fun with the season two credits. Playing them to the song Boogie Shoes. #Community brings out my creative side.