Andrea Castro


august 2nd. spanish as fuck. hello kitty. gold and glitter. ganga smoker. reefer lover. JetLife. boss. careless af.

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Its true


Big cooli!n

I want this thing soooooo bad. It dosent make any sense.

My love & I. Im smiling too damn hard tho -____-

Look what I came across while smokin lol <3

Early christmas gift from my love Its my favorite gift so far <3

I know whats real cause I been around it

This guy is my heart !

Are we high?

You know, lookin pretty. Nbd ;)

Would you eat this? Fresh jelly!

I cant even finish this *sniffles......sheds tear*

Just coolin it with my number one !!!!!

"Yahhhhbitch!!!" in my babes voice lol

My breakfast #DontJudgeMe

Im running low

Blunt time

Too bad Alex left me in College Algebra alone :'(

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