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How it goes down for lunch...


I should change all my team names to Team Domonation #Domonation

2011 Poster Child for "I should've come out last yr for the money instead of staying for records": Ryan Broyles

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Such a nice day...breakfast on the balcony?

Haha, I left on my pillow and woke up with this imprint on my shoulder #stylin

all colors, I switch my towels...these r my fav tho

Ladies: what color curtain or liner should I put behind this?

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Yeah, #andOUstillsucks

Oh shit, I used to LOOOOOOOVE this hoe lol #Memories

This ain't a video game, there are no #extralives or #1ups


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You got me confused wit another guy, my blood matches this --->


Heh heh #easy

This use to love getting pajamas for Xmas

I remember when I played Super Mario Bros. and #oomf would chase me around the screen. Always scared the shit outta me