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16, Junior at SHHS. Apple Juice, Paris, Hershey Kisses, & Strawberry Milk are the best♥

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I big rain strom is coming, look at the big dark thing!

Haha, cheers to another year!

When I'm bored and with a sketch pad this is what comes out. #paris #goingthere

I like light colored clothes. #peach #purple #gray #tan #white #green

I'm goin' here.

Tea time. Yummy yummy, in my tummy!

How I feel about chemistry tomorrow, I usually forget what it is as soon as I walk in the room.

Great book!

No..this isn't an obsession. They just smell really good.

Don't keep dreaming it, make it happen. Paris, I'll meet you in the future.

Doesn't he look super cute taking his nap on the couch? I think yes. :)

My baby brother just killed my foot with a huge metal ball, it's okay though cuz he's cute.

My baby brother just threw a heavy metal ball at my foot, now I have a bumb that's been growing like no other. #ouch #itsokaycausehescute

I need to go buy more Hershey Kisses! It's almost emptyyy

What did I do to be having homework everyday of my junior year?

Uhh, of course! No questions asked, I'm probably gonna gain 50 pounds by the time I get back. #haha #Parislove

Oh young love, young love. ;)

Really missed Joey in class today. An hour and a half of staring at this today wasn't much fun.


Best feelings in the world. (:

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