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Rabid gardener. Donovan's wife :) Supporter of the Victoria Film Festival and it's events (Free-B Film Fest, Art of the Cocktail). I also put my dog on things.

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LOL that's the LEAST relaxed looking cat I've ever seen! Here's a relaxed Kaz...

Had an outstanding time at & last night! Met a new friend to boot!

reminded me of the Doctor:

Enjoyed at the Highland Games! So many kilts!

When Tweets relate accidentally :)

Dear my mail carrier bent my mailbox today by jamming a box in it. I am not impressed.

Do you like pancakes?

I thought that looked familiar

from outage page

My dog Wannawafel (@ Wannawafel)

FOUND in #yyj white cat @ Quadra & Tolmie. Wanted to play in traffic so we took home. He yours?

Hey the go wifi isn't working. Is it just me or is there an issue?

That is an insane amount of potato salad! #PaulsMotorInn

Unacceptable! Must visit ASAP.

Really spider, just one foot to the right and I'd feel SO much better. Even if you're only as big as a quarter.

So this is happening. I blame 's influence.

Apparently a correctly sized hoop should go up to your belly button. Mine does not. :|

Dear my friend Tara got this Shazam mixup today. So close yet so far! :)


The Free-B is over, see you next year Panda Power!