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Babies 1st trip to Granville Island! Sam likes the birds. Lucy's not sure...

It's tough being a #cat.

I know it's just stickers over a change table but I'm proud of myself :)

Gorgeous view, from the passenger seat, driving thru the Fraser Canyon.

We like to hold hands during lunch :) #twins

Rice crispy square dipped in caramel dipped in chocolate. Life is good!!

A future #Vespa rider!!

Beauty night w/ mom & sis. So hard to not laugh, but my face feels great! Thx & !

Beauty night with mom & sis. We laugh every time we look at each other :) But my face feels great! Thx & !

What a fantastic early #birthday present from Gramma and Grampa!

I swear- these are the only matching outfits they have! Making their Hawaiian gramma proud :) #twins

Thx to a fabulous employee juggling seats, the 4 of us had a row of 3 seats to ourselves from TO. :)

I handed Sam his toothbrush and said "can you brush?" I should have specified teeth, not hair. :)

Lucy and Sam watching the game. Go !!!!! #bringithome

Sam's first trip to emergency :( I never want to see him in a tiny hospital gown ever again.

Hanging at the park with my little goose :)

Enjoying a night out with my favourite cousin at :)

's Gloria Macarenko having a good time on the golf course ;)

tee'ing off... on a horse???

Sam managed to take both of Lucy's socks off on our walk