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Sunbed tweet!!

Mens' shoes on sale @ #UnitedNude. Gorge!!!

Look what I still have, printed in my office:

ROFLOLMAOPIMP!!!! WiFi networks in the Red Light District:

WOW!!! :o Has anyone ever seen this on a Mac?? Eeeeeek! :\

Champagne with the one I love at the St. Pancras Champagne Bar. <3

#GrindrFail -

In other HK news: I got me an iPhone case today. Not to protect my phone, but because it was wicked cool. :))

Clapham has a HedKandi bar! :o I should show off my HK tattoo. :))

Bought me a tee to wear to XXL tomorrow:

Things to do in London when you're horny...

BRILLIANT night out with , , and their mate Mikey. #LDNgoodtimes <3

I looooove how I just keep running into people I never met before in this city!!!! <<<333

Ha! Look who I just spotted in #Boyz Magazine. My models from last night! =)

Am I ranting?! #BitDrunk I mean... How do people stay sober with sizes like this??? #NotMyFault

Just randomly ran into in the street!! <3 Hahahaaaaa, awesome!!! #BigCitySmallWorld

Breakfast (ha!) @ Covent Garden:

Yaaaaay. Together with . :))))

I mean... Awesome! <3 #YardBar

It's totally acceptable to drink half a litre of beer at 9 AM if you're about to go on holiday, right? :o