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., en zijn alvast klaar voor de Amsterdamse festiviteiten, op mijn Facebook. (:

There are very little photos that make me as happy as this one. <3

My new baby has been delivered. <3

En dit is de eindstand na sessie 1… I loooove it. <3 #K3forLife

Hij is niet af! :D Ik redde 't niet. #auw Maar dit is 't ontwerp:

Downloading these films to my iPad so we have pleeeenty to watch on holiday. Yay!! :)

Spending €€ in heaven. and I are getting the same trainers in different colours. :D

Absolutely gorgeous, as usual. #UnitedNude

Whaaaaaat?! ROFLOL.

Awww, husband treated me to surprise strawberries + Champagne on the balcony. Best breakfast ever. <3

That was sooo much fun!!! :))))) Thanks . <3

Whooo-hooo!!! :))))

K3 is awesome and the 3D effect during a live event is totally impressive!! :))))

Almost time for K3 with . t00000000t!!! #K3D

Blasting K3 while eating my tuna sub in the centre of the centre.

Basting K3 while eating my tuna sub in the centre of the centre. <3

Dear all... You're welcome.

Dear KNMI. See attached photo. Sorry. That is all.

Look what and #HotRod got me!!! A K3 bread box with tix to a K3 gig inside. Yaaaaaaaay!!!!! :))))) <3

What big wheel?!?!