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20 children die in the #US and here was has to say about it. #Sick #Newtown #Connecticut #UK

My boss - "more-bling-bling-swag-than-me-cant-be" cardiologist - not believing that little me has a better watch. #Swag

yeah well we're not all as lucky as you... ://

If this woman in front of me keeps on shaking her hair on my face, agossa bel noss. #PublicTransports #Crowd #OffToWork

#Tahrir: 1000s protesting court verdict that acquitted #Mubarak's sons, officials, &cleared him from corruption charges

what were you saying about Crocs? (at work today)

PHOTO - In #Paris, passed by a demo against the Military Regime in #Egypt

Taking an after-work and before-studying break at the chapel - the only calm and peaceful place of the hospital.

This is the coffee I found this morning in our office. It has been prepared for ME only by the secretary. :] #Respect

"Made in Turkey" ! :D

"Made in Turkey" ! :D

Now that US "have left", let's have a look at a plausible & probable map of the region in the next few decades. #Iraq

One of the reasons why I love #Christmas period »

Debriefing of public distribution of #CharlotHebdo w/ . A lot of positive feedback from ppl, a few insults.

Extract: "#CharlotHebdo's crisis meeting...
1) - Crisis meeting guys; we gotta find a super subject for our next edition, agressive, caustic, without concession!
- Great! Charlot's spirit is back!
2) - Chief, what about a special file on "Karachigate"? We could put Sarko doing...
3) - Are you insane?!! Way too dangerous!!
- It's clear that she's new...
4) - A file on Freemasons among the ministers?
- Stop! Leave the family alone!
5) - Then on Jews and their lobbying in...
- Never! I don't wanna be summoned by the Embassy!
6) - I want a nasty subject that will make us sell without being accused of anything!!
7) - Well... Let's do a special "Islam" again...
- Ain't better...
- Hi hi hi
- Gniark Gniark
- He he"

Extract: "Fire at #CharlieHebdo: no one has seen the author of the crime but everyone knows he's Muslim." #CharlieHebdo

Extract: #CharlotHebdo "Despite the crisis, Islamophobia industry has increased by 22%. The govt plans to seize that chance to help eco reflation"

Extract: "#CharlotHebdo planning to switch to wireless. - We want to unit the ppl for tmrw's #Tunisia - He said he wants to punish the ppl by cutting them both hands"

Extract: "2011 crisis meeting at #CharlotHebdo HQ. - What are those peaks? - Oh that? The special editions on Islam"

A fellow citizen apparently enjoying our #CharlotHebdo answer to #CharlieHebdo's islamophobic edition.