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i prefer 'taste bros'

Sharing this crude photoshop from my old blog just because I feel like it. #cuban #kidd #LOST #OLP

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Fall Semester Internship: Current college students or recent grads who want CapitolHill experience (Ohio)

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Got this in an email from my CC company this morning. h8 u for the ensuing PTSD episode

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Worst photoshop ever, but worth it for the horrific Face/Off outcome. Bosh/Noah hair switch (cc )

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Me, , and our boy Gheorge Muresan at open house yesterday #wizards

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Me, , and the Larry O'Brien Trophy at open house yesterday #wizards

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I guess the LA Times is implying "Obama's caring America" requires a #Bulls championship #picheadlinemismatch

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Both my teams are up 68-66 on their opponents. Finish these mediocre teams off!

Having fun with MSpaint #duran #durant #itsnoordinaryworld

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Headline presented without comment #fyeahcnn

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Wow, #Target has masterfully grasped the advertising power of

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The #Heat and NATO in the same headline? Even with all the surrounding headlines, this is by far the shark jumpiest

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No one bran should have all that fiber. #kanyebreakfasttweets

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lol u sor?

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this tray of fried chickent bits is labeled 'chicken salad' #wtf #cafeteriafail

this bowl of peanut butter cracker bites was at the salad bar. #wtf

pretty sure these guys were NOT the worst ever (as Clark Kents or superheroes)

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