Talented Artist w/ Graphic Design Skills. Hit me up about CD COvers, Posters, Biz Cards, Tee's ect. #ItsAllAboutJesus #Celibate

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Im doing CD's now. Duplications, Covers & Custom Covers for the Low Price. Message me about Posters, Tee's and Business Cards. I can Draw as well as Master the Graphic Designs so Your Vision WILL be brought to Fruition!
Email: EmpyrealDesignz.com

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This is of the Lo Life movement. Ever wonder how we started wearing Polo? This is probably one of the most underrated creative Rap Artist out. Please check him out :

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Yea..Dont look too hard, i could have a child your age..lol

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Th!s an Underground Rap Artist from the UK check him out

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This he is an underground Rap Artist from 618 check his video:

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Our government must have ALOT to hide if the Feds want videos on youtube containing “government criticism,” take down...

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This is Chris Savvinidis take time out to listen to what he says if your money is in 1 of the popular banks.

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Professor Griff <---Please check this guy out, very important info!!

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I didn't care that he cussed his daughter out way back but Alec Baldwin shoulda known better then to say NIGGAS. Idc if its a title to a song, who really gives a dam if he like it? THEY are always trying to be slick and down..

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This woman beat a teenager on a school bus. Im not sure what he did but she put a whooping on him and put him is a FULL NELSON!! I know teen can be disrespectful but beating them up? This woman would have to pay the consequences for this and hopefully its just jail time.


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How many people went to jail wrongly bcuz of this officer and how many more are out there like him doing the same ish!

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This is really cool bcuz the angels let you know your not buggin when you see the same 3 or 4 numbers repeatedly...check it out!

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This is really what happened...Our government is special ;-/

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This is Samuel David Crowe, he was on Deathrow becuz he admitted to murdering a store owner. He was about to be executed a few hours After Troy Davis. Then he was granted clemency and was sentenced to life in prison.

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This is George Junius Stinney 1 of the youngest ppl to be executed @ 14yrs old...

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