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Oh baby baby it's a wild world, it's hard to get by just upon a smile.

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Room packing: my textbooks zomgz should I throw??

My legs are baking under this heat!

Loving the weather. 18'c today! warm and sunny :)

All the whatsapp-ing with mama made her accustomed to all the IM lingos! Ahahaha!

LOL! Like so atas sia! Didn't know submitting essay can be so fun! LOL!

nomnomnom-ing ice cream on a 11°C night. woohooo!

forced the dog to take a picture with me. lololol

Frootloops <3

Coolshit flags that dearest got for me ^^

love you, bestie! <3

Electric guitar!!!! My fingers are hurting, lol~

'cause I saw a gf who enjoyed squeezing her bf's moobs & he says it's "enjoyable". ahahah!

what's the use of the bb's "ping"? anyone? :/

sorry girl! but my friend's kinda sorta hyper but very much weird. lol!

meow > miao. cause "miao" is too cheena-fied lulz

Question answered: Why it's not Friday yet.


yup! I got him in March.

I don't like juice with pulp but Minute Maid's Pulpy is an exception ^-^

THE Bacon, wrapping Asparagus & String Mushroom. NICE, but I still want my Bacon naked :/