Allen E. Simpson


World's laziest superhero. If I'm following you, it obviously isn't from this account, but the cover is obvious. Yes, it's a conspiracy.

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This one summarizes my true feelings about the club scene

Guess which little league all-star that is?

The kind of Art/Style "normal" Me decorates with.

HAARP (back) I do sincerely appreciate...

HAARP (front)


More HAARP. Hey NY, he peeled your orange.

And I don't care how big of cowards some "friends" and "family" been in being complicit

Now this is some funny sh7t right here...

No really, the entire place is populated by Mexicans, and the menus are


What's this an example of?

*insert curiosity* *mind thinks* "I'll take famous _____ words for whatver Alyx."

Ben (Tyler) Publishing Global PR still gets points for

And now the cute little parallel box-to-web-profiles to reality slinky-box present time sync is complete.

I'm also syncing and tidying up some of the amusement.

Speaking of Creative LemonAid Art...

Once again... The only thing I've ever painted. With zero training obviously. Meh.

What is this?