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World's laziest superhero. If I'm following you, it obviously isn't from this account, but the cover is obvious. Yes, it's a conspiracy.

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Look who left the box again... This time to make an appear at the #UnitedWeStand art/musical/political festival.

Saw a i8 on the street for the 1st time earlier today. Impressive machine

Championing the future since time immemorial.

I've been writing non-stop since mid 2006. Like leaving a trail of thought bread crumbs. Sometimes I find them.

. My slightly delayed #EarthDay #GlobalSelfie entry...#1...I actually took several more amusing (everything from coy to reacting as if aliens are invading from above) ones with my better/real/higher resolution camera...but that requires an extra step in taking the SD card out of the camera and putting it into computer to upload...and since my existence is a fascinating combination of laziness and distraction...that apparently didn't make the priority list yesterday. Meh. ...but they're all marked 4.22.14 by the camera's date/time technically they qualify...and will theoretically provide high-enough resolution to read all the fine print that may or may not be legible in this one taken with my cellphone camera. Everyone's a comedian... TBC

u '-2"-What's of w*09'2/hat? Wha. ht? 8P99cxxb h

What's of what? What?

They're shooting #AGT (America's Got Talent) something or another in our parking lot right now. Crowded.

I like it.

Who's following who?...actually one of my coworkers who's also a director bought that Interceptor as a prop.

...well that was quick...and short-lived. :/ Damn giraffes.

...also tried taking pictures of cute vanity plates using my mirrors...with mixed results. It says GR8FLMZ

. on my 3rd tour...saw #JaredLeto on my 4th. He has no idea who I am...which I find hilarious. Hollywood & Laurel Canyon...sportin' shades.

Interesting day in the neighborhood. On many fronts. That is all.

Squirrel on a wire.

The Sheriff's BearCat is lookin' pretty beatup...need to apply for one of those used MRAP's the army's giving away

Needs more Yellow Ferraris.

Made it in time to catch the GT cars in action...but more than anything, it's just fun to walk back through the LB

...from a distance...