Go do something useful with yourself. if your going to take the time to read my least fetch me a beer.

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Meet beard, the little artsy jazz man he is today

This is a sign from god I'm trying to do my paper and NOT drinking margaritas, and this pops up, written by: MARGARITA

Ooooh looook!

Should have known we'd be friends When we both decided to show up in only underwear ! #halloween2011

I fit under the bed.... Depressing.

Art time with spencer !

Can we just look at that hair?

You took to long it had to be drunken...

The fact that I own this many Boa's and Lays is strange... I guess that'll be the theme for the next party...

A little dusty but do you guys remember making this in like 5th grade ...yeh I still have him

Hey guys have you met my brother... He eats bbq sauce with his milkshakes....

Super fuckin crafty..... Coco snowcream martinis

Frozen bananas, wine, james bond<3 #movieNight

This is the scratch my mom is calling a blood disease....what the hell?

Ohhh my lord !

Ooooh I'm ready !

Greatest part of being home.....JUICE on JUICE on JUICE... #Juicephene #cranApple

Ooooooh #TBT highschool was fun ! #trackSuit #bestFriends

Am I cool enough to go back in time to freshman year?? I THINK SO. #sluttyTracksuitDays #Barbies4lyfe

Haahaha the stuff I say really concerns me #lastnightrecap

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