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I like this one better.

These are the best ice cream sandwiches, ever

pretending he's Robert Pattinson while photographs him

I went to eat at Wendy's earlier today, and this is what they gave me as change. I thought it was a joke at first.

how's this?

Lol I wish I could give it away :P

Lazy bum

I really like this shot

The color you see in scary movies before shit goes down

Bon fire. It's too hot for this but oh well

She got in and the closed the little gate on her own :o. Lucy you crazy dog. Good night amigos

Here's that rainbow I saw yesterday. Forgot to upload it

Here's that pic I said I would draw

I don't like cake, much. But this looks yummy. Who wants some, before I have to take it to the party??

I don't look too shabby today